Patrick  Chan wins the Silver Medal for Canada in Sochi 2014!

Patrick Chan wins Silver in Sochi

Brian Holtham turns skate sharpening into
an exacting science that gives top competitors,
like Patrick Chan, a keen edge.
 video by TSN January 2014

Using his machinist background,
Brian Holtham has created a
unique, scientific methodology
for skate sharpening and tuning.
"To Patrick Chan, Brian Holtham must seem like a mystical "skate whisperer". the Toronto Star, April 24, 2011

Skate sharpening technique
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Welcome to Precision Blade Honing Enterprises (PBHE), the only skate sharpening service dedicated to grinding Goldseal, Phantom, Pattern 99 and MK Dance figure skating blades.

All grinding is done by duplicating very exact steel patterns specific to the blade type and serial number. PBHE does not grind blades free hand, as it is impossible to ensure accuracy employing this method. Our process includes keeping machining records of every sharpening and giving a copy to the skater.  Click here to view our quick grind comparison fact sheet.

Special equipment was designed and developed to reach accuracy not seen in the industry (.001 of an inch, 1/3 the thickness of a hair). In the construction of this equipment, special measuring tools, grinding wheels and templates were developed to maintain manufacturer's blade curvature and a client's requested root diameter. PBHE ensures that your blades consistently meet specifications, maximizing the potential of the blade. We believe this results in superior speed, flow, and edge control.

All clients of PBHE are requested to attend the 1 hour free seminar on figure skating grinding and care so they can provide meaningful feedback. PBHE will take on the responsibility to ensure that the blades are in top condition. PBHE stands behind all its work and is not satisfied until the client is happy.

A tribute to the late Ray Lockwood
When Precision Blade was researching and developing the ultimate blade sharpening processes, Ray Lockwood generously shared his technical knowledge of figure skating equipment, especially his expertise in boots and blades. This insight from an accomplished coach and trainer was instrumental in the advancement of Precision Blade's technology.  Throughout his life, Ray gave much to the skating community, coaching skaters from beginners to international and olympic atheletes.  Ray had personally been an accomplished competitor at the International World and Olympic levels.

A sincere note of thanks to Manuel Alcaine
Precision Blade would like to thank Mr. Manuel Alcaine - International Foot Care Centre, for his extensive input into the orthotic requirements for competitive skaters. His research into boots, special leathers and stiffeners and desiging of lasts, is part of an ongoing development project to meet the future needs of competitive skaters. 416.781.2694 and toll free at 1.877.409.3574

We are located in the city of Mississauga, Ontario Canada, on the north shore of Lake Ontario, west of Toronto and 50 miles east of Niagara Falls.

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