PBHE offers a free initial phone consultation for you to get to know us and what PBHE is all about! We have also developed this detailed website which will hopefully answer a number of your questions. 


If you are a competitive skater and would like to have a complete equipment evaluation with recommendation the cost is $55/hour. If a decision is made to go forward with PBHE's services the $55/hour will be deducted from a future invoice. The evaluation includes educating the skater (and accompanied parents and/or coaches) on equipment set up, fit, and maintenance. We cover pick set, blade curvature, root suggestions, blade setting, blade testing (for alignment, twist, cracks, etc.), boot fit, lacing, foot issues, and insoles.


Our clients feel this information is extremely helpful and that they should have had this knowledge years ago. We require that all clients take this introductory session or have attended one of our seminars. This information provides them with the knowledge to make educated decisions on their equipment, give comprehensive feedback and maximize their performance.


We welcome your questions and comments.  Please use one of the buttons below to call us, email us, send feedback or register for email updates and notification of special events and offers!