Tom Cantwell

With so many nuances and critical components relating to equipment and the human body, Brian and Paulette are able to take their vast amount of knowledge and experience and relay their wisdom to the skating world as they produce essential … Read More

Paul Mallet

Brian’s ultra-precise process is unmatched throughout the industry. Many describe figure skate blade sharpening as a skill or an art, but Brian has elevated the process to a whole new level of ultra precise engineering. With traditional freehand sharpening the skater has to adjust to ever-changing blade geometry over the life of the blade. Eventually, the blade’s profile can become drastically different from its original and intended shape. Drawing from his background as a machinist, Brian has invented and built an ingenious blade sharpening system guided by precise master templates. The process is not unlike the key cutting process in which the original key serves as a template for an exact copy, except that Brian has developed templates for all the popular competitive blade profiles, such as Phantom, Ace, Pattern 99, etc. The result is incredibly precise and consistent blade geometry throughout the entire life of the blade. With Brian looking after my daughter’s skates, I never have to worry that unpredictable blade geometry might be affecting her skating.

Hana Watanabe

I have been working with Brian Holtham and PBHE for over 3 years. He is a very important person in my figure skating life. Every time I go to PBHE he’s always so nice to me and he always greets me with a smile. Brian doesn’t just help my skates, he motivates me to be the best that I can be. Without Brian I wouldn’t be the figure skater that I am today.

Patrick Chan

Throughout my competitive career I’ve relied on Brian to repair and maintain my skates at any given moment. The combination of ingenuity and passion for his work is in a league of it’s own. The custom technology he has built, to give the utmost care to the skater’s equipment is eye opening, and only the best. Most importantly, I’ve always felt that I was part of a family at PBHE. Brian understands how every skater is unique, and gives every ounce of effort to meet a skater’s needs. Since day one, the attention to detail that he has always given to my equipment goes a long way towards my success. Thank you for being a part of the team Brian!

Eric Radford

Impeccable service…with a smile. I used to call Mr. Holtham the ‘Miracle Worker’. He always made my skates and blades feel so comfortable which made my edges responsive and effortless. Not only did I always get service with a smile but also a detailed explanation of the process which made me feel confident that my skates were in good hands. I also appreciated his knowledge about insoles, orthotics and physiology; All of which combine to give the best skating experience possible.

Ivana Perkucin

Brian took the time to educate me on my blades, their sharpening and boots, and with that I became so in tune with the very skates that let me do what I loved. Whether it was running to him (every few days) for adjustments or punching out new boots, he was always there for me and worked tirelessly until any issue was resolved. As skaters we often take for granted how important it is that our skates are an extension of our body until something goes wrong. For me, knowing Brian was always there to help and make sure everything was perfect, kept that fear at bay.

Kathy Johnson

I have seen first-hand the difference that great equipment can make. Brian Holtham of PBHE has perfected his blade sharpening technique in order to get a precise sharpening every time. Patrick [Chan] knows they will be perfect every time – adjusted and sharpened to exactly the specifications that work for him. As a coach, it’s wonderful to work with an expert like Brian and know that equipment will never be an issue.

Christine Janes

As a coach, I have learned a great deal of information over the past few years with regard to blades and the importance of a great sharpening from Brian Holtham at Precision Blade Honing Enterprises. He really cares about the skaters and does a fantastic job giving each one his attention, time, and expert knowledge. The sharpening that results is like no other. It’s personal and exactly what the skater needs – every time!

Ellen Burka

I have known the Holtham family for many years. Skating techniques, patch, judging, and skating equipment evolved substantially over these years, but skate sharpening hadn’t changed much. That is where Brian comes in. He has extensive knowledge in industrial machining and looked at skate sharpening in a whole new light. 18 years ago Brian invented pattern grinding, a new sharpening technique that is consistent and precise. Finally, a 21st century technology!

Kaye Royer

It has been over a decade now since those early days and Brian has been my only skate sharpener and technician ever since. I have seen other skaters scraping their newly sharpened blades on rubber flooring and pieces of wood trying to get their skates functional after a sharpening, but with Brian, my skates are always just a better, sharper version of themselves and are ready to perform and allow me to stop from the moment they have been sharpened. I appreciate his accurate work and how consistent the blades are each and every time. I feel lucky to have such expertise at work for me and would highly recommend him for skaters of all ages and levels.

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