Joanne Mcleod CHPC

In High Performance Competition, “equipment can make the difference”. Brian has the knowledge of blade mechanics and is very passionate about boot fit to foot exactness. He keeps a current understanding of the different skate manufacturer objectives. Brian is personal to each client and can provide more comfort for enhanced figure skating elite performance.

Sara Yacobi-Harris

Brian is exceptional at his craft and is passionate about sharing his knowledge about boot and blade equipment and maintenance. As a skating coach, I send my skaters to PBHE for the best quality boot/blade fitting and sharpening.

Raphael Yacobi-Harris

Brian immediately identified the issues I was having and helped take steps to remedy them and I rarely have had a problem since. My first recommendation is always Brian and PBHE when it comes to sharpening, mounting, boot fitting and any other consultation related to boots and blades. He is a true expert in his field and I am fortunate to have had his expertise in my skating career.

Sue Raubenheimer

Getting expensive dance blades sharpened by Brian means that they last for many more years than if they are sharpened elsewhere. Also, once your skates have been sharpened by Brian, no other sharpening is ever good enough! His knowledge and craftsmanship is legendary and he’s always a pleasure to deal with. Thanks to Brian I’ve attained my senior silver level and it’s because I’ve had the right equipment.

Blair Sharpless

Brian Holtham, who was a machinist by trade, has taken skate blade mounting and sharpening to a whole other level. I learned more about skates and blades during my first short phone conversation Brian than I thought possible. My daughter is not a national level skater, but to let anyone else do her skates is a waste of her ice time and my money.

Kevin Reynolds

PBHE spared no effort in making sure that I received the best in quality service, and worked tirelessly to solve any problems that I faced regarding equipment fit. I trust PBHE completely knowing that they are always willing to help in the pursuit of excellence.

Joel Geleynse

Brian is the NASA scientist of skate sharpening! His attention to detail and highly detailed precision in restoring any blade to its factory specs is unparalleled.

Sandra Bernick

Brian Holtham has been a real life saver to us. My 15 year old was referred to Brian from her coaches when she needed new boots and blades. His knowledge brought relief, confidence and such a reassurance to our skater. Our skater has progressed significantly both technically and emotionally as a result.

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