Kathy Johnson

I have seen first-hand the difference that great equipment can make. Brian Holtham of PBHE has perfected his blade sharpening technique in order to get a precise sharpening every time. Patrick [Chan] knows they will be perfect every time – adjusted and sharpened to exactly the specifications that work for him. As a coach, it’s wonderful to work with an expert like Brian and know that equipment will never be an issue.

Christine Janes

As a coach, I have learned a great deal of information over the past few years with regard to blades and the importance of a great sharpening from Brian Holtham at Precision Blade Honing Enterprises. He really cares about the skaters and does a fantastic job giving each one his attention, time, and expert knowledge. The sharpening that results is like no other. It’s personal and exactly what the skater needs – every time!

Ellen Burka

I have known the Holtham family for many years. Skating techniques, patch, judging, and skating equipment evolved substantially over these years, but skate sharpening hadn’t changed much. That is where Brian comes in. He has extensive knowledge in industrial machining and looked at skate sharpening in a whole new light. 18 years ago Brian invented pattern grinding, a new sharpening technique that is consistent and precise. Finally, a 21st century technology!

Joanne Mcleod CHPC

In High Performance Competition, “equipment can make the difference”. Brian has the knowledge of blade mechanics and is very passionate about boot fit to foot exactness. He keeps a current understanding of the different skate manufacturer objectives. Brian is personal to each client and can provide more comfort for enhanced figure skating elite performance.

Sara Yacobi-Harris

Brian is exceptional at his craft and is passionate about sharing his knowledge about boot and blade equipment and maintenance. As a skating coach, I send my skaters to PBHE for the best quality boot/blade fitting and sharpening.

Raphael Yacobi-Harris

Brian immediately identified the issues I was having and helped take steps to remedy them and I rarely have had a problem since. My first recommendation is always Brian and PBHE when it comes to sharpening, mounting, boot fitting and any other consultation related to boots and blades. He is a true expert in his field and I am fortunate to have had his expertise in my skating career.