Paul Mallet

Brian’s ultra-precise process is unmatched throughout the industry. Many describe figure skate blade sharpening as a skill or an art, but Brian has elevated the process to a whole new level of ultra precise engineering. With traditional freehand sharpening the skater has to adjust to ever-changing blade geometry over the life of the blade. Eventually, the blade’s profile can become drastically different from its original and intended shape. Drawing from his background as a machinist, Brian has invented and built an ingenious blade sharpening system guided by precise master templates. The process is not unlike the key cutting process in which the original key serves as a template for an exact copy, except that Brian has developed templates for all the popular competitive blade profiles, such as Phantom, Ace, Pattern 99, etc. The result is incredibly precise and consistent blade geometry throughout the entire life of the blade. With Brian looking after my daughter’s skates, I never have to worry that unpredictable blade geometry might be affecting her skating.

Blair Sharpless

Brian Holtham, who was a machinist by trade, has taken skate blade mounting and sharpening to a whole other level. I learned more about skates and blades during my first short phone conversation Brian than I thought possible. My daughter is not a national level skater, but to let anyone else do her skates is a waste of her ice time and my money.

Sandra Bernick

Brian Holtham has been a real life saver to us. My 15 year old was referred to Brian from her coaches when she needed new boots and blades. His knowledge brought relief, confidence and such a reassurance to our skater. Our skater has progressed significantly both technically and emotionally as a result.