Sandra Bernick

Brian Holtham has been a real life saver to us. My 15 year old was referred to Brian from her coaches when she needed new boots and blades. We had no idea what to get. We purchased the boots and then headed over to Brian’s where his knowledge and expertise allowed us to get the perfect blade for our daughter’s skill level and aspirations. The entire process was completely motivational for her. She now has the perfect blade and a deep understanding of how her equipment impacts her. She can tell exactly when her blades need sharpening and Brian’s method ensures a precise and perfect blade every time. He keeps full records and has a proprietary system that is unlike any other. He also replaced her laces with stronger ones that hold better than any others. Recently our daughter experienced some pain on her ankle as a result of her boots. Our first call was to Brian who thankfully was able to assist with resolving. His knowledge brought relief, confidence and such a reassurance to our skater even though the issue had nothing to do with the blades. Our skater has progressed significantly both technically and emotionally as a result. Brian is completely over qualified for our needs and we are genuinely grateful. Helen is also wonderful and knowledgeable and we love the added bonus of visits with Jasper their friendly pup… These folks have a real passion and commitment to the sport and it shows. Thank you!!!