Ivana Perkucin

I began working with Brian way back when I was a juvenile level skater, after having issues with warped blades and inconsistent mounting. Little did I know back then that what was to follow was a relationship that taught me so much about the importance of having your equipment in the best shape to complement the training you were so dedicated to. Brian took the time to educate me on my blades, their sharpening and boots, and with that I became so in tune with the very skates that let me do what I loved. Whether it was running to him (every few days) for adjustments or punching out new boots, he was always there for me and worked tirelessly until any issue was resolved. As skaters we often take for granted how important it is that our skates are an extension of our body until something goes wrong. For me, knowing Brian was always there to help and make sure everything was perfect, kept that fear at bay.