Kaye Royer

I first met Brian through my coach at the time, Ray Lockwood. They were often discussing blades and mountings and things technical and eventually Brian decided to turn his hand to sharpening and mounting blades himself. He conquered the steep learning curve and set about improving my set up. I began trying to learn to skate as an adult and it has been a great hobby for my spare time away from my career as a clarinetist. It has been over a decade now since those early days and Brian has been my only skate sharpener and technician ever since. I have seen other skaters scraping their newly sharpened blades on rubber flooring and pieces of wood trying to get their skates functional after a sharpening, but with Brian, my skates are always just a better, sharper version of themselves and are ready to perform and allow me to stop from the moment they have been sharpened. I appreciate his accurate work and how consistent the blades are each and every time. I feel lucky to have such expertise at work for me and would highly recommend him for skaters of all ages and levels.