Tom Cantwell

With so many nuances and critical components relating to equipment and the human body, Brian and Paulette are able to take their vast amount of knowledge and experience and relay their wisdom to the skating world as they produce essential tools for the skating industry. Their development of the Blade Curvature Gauge is a much-needed tool for skaters, coaches and retailers. It has been known by elite level coaches for decades that the ideal touch point for the majority of blade sizes and models is around 4cm. Intuitive in design, the Blade Curvature Gauge will help guide skate technicians as they perform the incredibly important job of servicing skaters’ equipment via regrinds. Maintaining the rocker profile of MK/John Wilson blades is extremely difficult and the degradation of the essential bulge curve reduces performance drastically. When we saw what they had developed we knew we had to get involved. Thus, we see this as an essential part of any coach’s duffel bag. As coaches and athletes travel more frequently, it’s tough to keep track of when their students have their skates reground. If a skater’s spins aren’t centred or things don’t seem like they used to, this tool can help make sense of weakened performance or at the very least, eliminate the blade curve as the source of a problem. Thank you Brian for allowing us to partake in your vision.